Species Detail - Winged Euonymus

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Scientific Name:
Euonymus Alatus

Opposite; 1-3 in. long. Dark green leaf color. Fall leaf color is bright red and extremely showy.

Not ornamentally significant. Flowers will bloom in the late fall and are a yellow green color.

Regularly arranged with overlapping edges, brownish green and strongly divergent (drawing apart from a common point).

Gray brown. Euonymus has long corky wings along stems, which makes this shrub quite identifiable.

Up to 15 ft. tall and spread of 12 -16 ft


Native to Northeastern Asian and Central China. Can be planted in states ranging from Vermont and New Hampshire down to North Carolina to the Midwest in Illinois and some parts of Wisconsin.

Other Info:
Used as an ornamental bush for many landscapes. Species has demonstrated an invasive tendency in some areas of New England. The invasiveness occurs by escaping from cultivation and naturalizing in minimally managed areas. Not native in Vermont.