Species Detail - Staghorn Sumac or Velvet Sumac

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Photo You selected a Staghorn Sumac or Velvet Sumac:

Scientific Name:
Rhus typhina

Large and pinnatley compound with 11 to 31 leaflets. Each leaflet is 2 in -5 in. long. Leaves are 1ft. to 2 ft. long.

Greenish petals; crowded in an upright cluster

Terminal bud is absent

Dark brown; thin; smooth or becoming scaly

30 ft

8 in. or larger

Southern Ontario east to Nova Scotia, south to northwest South Carolina, west to Tennessee, and north to Minnesota

Other Info:
Fruit is rounded, 1-seeded, dark red, covered with long dark red hairs crowded in upright clusters; maturing in late summer and autumn, remaining attached in the winter. Twigs are stout and pubescent with milky sap. Staghorn sumac is not poisonous and serves as browse for wildlife throughout the year. The sumac species can be a source of honey.