Species Detail - Boxelder or Ashleaf Maple

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Photo You selected a Boxelder or Ashleaf Maple:

Scientific Name:
Acer negundo

6 in. long; pinnately compound with 3 to 7 leaflets (2-4 in. long, 1- 1 in. wide); shape varies but generally ovate or elliptical; long-pointed at tip, short-pointed at base; coarsely saw-toothed; surfaces light green above and pale green below. Fall color pale yellow.

3/16 in. long; very small yellow-green; several clustered on slender drooping stalks; appearing with or before the leaves in spring

Valvate and overlapping; short-stalked; reddish or whitish; wooly or downy; densely hairy.

Light gray-brown; with many narrow ridges and fissures; becoming deeply furrowed.

30-60 ft.

2 ? ft

Eastern United States to Southern Canada; south to central Florida; west to South Texas; scattered from New Mexico to California; in New Hampshire along Connecticut River and western areas. Naturalized in New England.

Other Info:
One of the most common and best known maples. Many people do not know it is a maple due to its compound leaves