Species Detail - Red Oak

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Scientific Name:
Quercus rubra

4-9 in. long, 3-6 in. wide; elliptical; dull green above and dull light green beneath with tufts of white hairs; smooth on both sides; spikes on tips of lobes; v-shaped space between lobes; triangular in outline; turn brown or dark red in fall.

Long spreading strings

1/4 in. long; rounded on sides; brown; blunt-pointed; smooth; not angled at cross section; form in clusters at end of twigs.

Dark gray or blackish; becoming broken into ridges; rough; furrowed into scaly ridges; inner bark is reddish.

Height of 60-90 ft

Diameter of 1-2? ft.

Eastern U.S. except for south Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains. Native in Vermont

Other Info:
Acorns are 5/8 in. to1 1/8 in. long; egg shaped; reddish brown. Important lumber species. Popular street tree as it grows rapidly, transplants easily, and is hardy in both city and cold conditions.