Species Detail - Eastern Hemlock or Canada Hemlock

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Photo You selected a Eastern Hemlock or Canada Hemlock:

Scientific Name:
Tsuga canadensis

Evergreen needles; 1/4 to 2/3 in. long; flattened and short; flexible at tip; tapering; shiny dark green above with two narrow white lines beneath and green edges minutely toothed.

(cones) 5/8 to 3/4 in. long; elliptical; brown; short-stalked; hang down at ends of twigs; composed of many rounded cone scales. Have seeds that are paired, light brown and long-winged.

to in. thick; oval; chestnut brown; hairy scales

Cinnamon red to gray, tinged with purple, narrow ridges; deeply furrowed with broad scaly ridges.

Height of 60-70 ft

Diameter of 2-3 ft

South Ontario east to Cape Breton Island; south in mountains to north Alabama; west to east Minnesota. Native to Vermont

Other Info:
Male flowers are yellow and female flowers are pink or pale green; both sexes on the same tree. The bark was historically used as a source of tannin in leather production. In addition, pioneers made tea from the leafy twigs and brooms from the branches.