Species Detail - White Spruce

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Scientific Name:
Picea glauca

Needles are to in. long, blue-green color, and not sharp to touch. Tendency to be crowded on the upper side of the branch. When the foliage is crushed, a pungent odor is noticed, similar to a skunk or cat spray.

(Cones) 1 to in. long, narrowly oblong, and a light brown color

Sometimes have flexed scales and look ragged.

Thin, flaky or scaly and has an ashy brown color. When a layer of bark has been freshly exposed, the coloring looks somewhat silvery.

Height of 60-70 ft.

Diameter of 18-24 in

Northern N. America near Northern limit of trees from Alaska and British Columbia east to Labrador, south to Maine, and west to Minnesota; local in NW Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Native in Vermont.

Other Info:
Used for pulpwood. Important commercial tree species of Canada. The wood is valued for piano sounding boards, violins, and other musical instruments. The roots of white spruce were used by Native Americans for lacing birchbark canoes and making woven baskets.