Species Detail - Eastern White Pine

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Scientific Name:
Pinus strobus

2.5- 5 in. long. 5 needles in a bundle and flexible. Blue- green color

(Cones) 4-8 in. long. Yellow-brown color, long stalked, and often slightly curved.

Covered with thin reddish or orange-brown scales.

Gray; smooth becoming rough; thick and deeply furrowed into narrow scaly ridges.

100 ft or more

3-4 ft. or more

Southeastern Canada, northeastern United States, and southern Appalachians. Local disjuncts in central North Carolina, central Tennessee, eastern Kentucky, west central Indiana, and northern Illinois. Native in Vermont.

Other Info:
Used in construction, millwork, trim, and pulpwood. The tall straight trunks were prized for ship masts in colonial period. Highly susceptible to white pine weevil which deforms the tree making it unfit for lumber. The white pine blister rust caused by a fungus also a danger.